Ruisrock sold out in record time – “Historic popularity”

The festival, held in Turku from 6–8 July, 2018, has broken its sales record already five years in a row.

Ruisrock 2018 has been sold out. Festival tickets ran out in record time this year. Ticket sales began briskly right after tickets became available in November.

“Ruisrock’s popularity has been nothing short of historic. We put a lot of effort into making Ruisrock the best festival of the summer, and it is astonishing to see how excited the audience already is about July. The sold-out festival leaves us in a great place to fine-tune the last details, and there are still many more surprises to reveal before the festival gates open. We are in for an even more awesome party in Ruissalo!” says Ruisrock Promoter Mikko Niemelä.

The popularity of Ruisrock has increased year by year, and the visitor record has been broken every year between 2014–2017. The festival was also sold out in advance last year, when tickets ran out in June. Last summer, 105 000 visitors attended the festival, and sales figures indicate that a similar number can be expected this year.

Ruisrock wishes to remind people that only tickets purchased directly from the festival’s official ticket vendor Tiketti can be guaranteed to work. Due to possible forgeries and malpractice, the festival does not recommend that tickets are purchased elsewhere.

The main international performers at Ruisrock this summer include, among others, The Chainsmokers (US), Marshmello, N.E.R.D (US), Dua Lipa (UK), and Rae Sremmurd (US).  Top Finnish names include Cheek, Alma, Disco Ensemble, Haloo Helsinki!, JVG, Kaija Koo, and Sunrise Avenue.

More additions to the artist lineup of the festival will be announced during spring, and e.g. the art program and the range of restaurants are yet to be revealed.