Ruisrock 2018

Ruisrock Festival will be celebrated July 6th - 8th, 2018 at the national park of Ruissalo in Turku, Finland.

Artist for 2018 include The Chainsmokers (US), Marshmello, N.E.R.D (US), Dua Lipa (UK), Cheek, Alan Walker (NO), Clean Bandit (UK), First Aid Kit (SE), Silvana Imam (SE), Tyler, The Creator (US), Princess Nokia (US), Years & Years (UK), Alma, Disco Ensemble, and Sunrise Avenue. More artists will be released during the spring 2018.

Ruisrock is the oldest festival in Finland, and the second oldest continuously running rock festival in Europe. Ruisrock was awarded the Festival of the Year award in the Industry Awards Gala in 2017.

Festival opening hours:

Fri July 6th 1 pm - 3 am
Sat July 7th 1pm - 3 am
Sun July 8th 1 pm - 12 am


Ruisrock is organised in Turku which is easy to reach from around Finland by for example bus and train. We encourage the use of public transportation or ride sharing!

Festival buses and local buses operate from the city centre to the vicinity of the festival site.


Arriving to Finland

By plane

Turku Airport is located about 8 kilometres from Turku city centre with daily flight connections.

The second closest airport is located in Helsinki-Vantaa.

By ferry

Shipping companies TallinkSilja and Viking Line operate twice daily between Stockholm and Turku.

Arriving to Turku

By bus

Turku bus station is located close to the city centre. There is an easy access to festival area by bus from the city centre.



By train

Turku train station is also located close to the city centre, and the Ruisrock festival buses stop at the train station. During the festival weekend the trains fill up quickly, we recommend booking train tickets in advance.

There's an extra night train from Turku to Helsinki on Monday morning at 12:30 am.  


Ride sharing

If you decide to drive to Ruisrock, we encourage you to fill your car with other festival guests. Ridesharing is not only fun but also ecological.

An efficient and safe way to find a ride is for example the ride sharing website where rides can be both offered and requested. Also, have a look at the ride sharing (kimppakyyti) groups on Facebook.



By car

Driving to the Ruissalo island is not possible during the festival weekend neither is there any space for parking on the island. Vehicles can be parked on the official festival parking area located in Artukainen in Turku close to Gatorade Center and Messukeskus. Follow the signs for Artukainen Camping. The address is Artukaisten kiitotie.

Please note! Staying the night in your vehicle is not allowed.

By boat

Arriving to the festival site in Ruissalo is not allowed by boat. Mooring places are offered in Turku city centre by Turku Guest Harbour.



Arriving to the festival area

Ruisrock festival site can be reached conveniently with the festival bus or by bike from Turku city centre. The festival buses run from Turku city center to the festival bus station. There is a clearly marked walking route of about two kilometres (about 1.2 miles) between the festival bus station and the festival site.

Festival bus from Turku city centre

There is a festival bus running on a non-stop-basis from Turku city centre to the festival bus station.

The prices of the festival buses are:

  • one-way ticket 6 EUR
  • two-way ticket 10 EUR
  • weekend 18 EUR

By the Festival bus from Artukainen Camping and parking area

There is a free festival bus from the camping and parking areas running on a non-stop-basis between the Ruisrock festival bus station and Artukainen Camping and parking area. Bus is intended for people staying in Artukainen Camping and for people parking on the parking area.

By bicycle

You can ride your bike to the festival site by following the signs along the bike path of Ruissalo parkway. You can leave your bicycle at the guarded bicycle parking next to the festival main entrance. Bicycle parking costs 4 € / day or 10 € / 3 days.

Please note that there are simultaneously several thousands of people on the Ruissalo island and on the way back to town centre. Please be extra careful in the traffic and keep in mind the law, the nature, and fellow travelers!

By Turku local buses

The local bus time tables and stop information can be found in the trip planner Föli. Föli also has information on buses running to close-by towns, for example to Naantali, Paimio and Kaarina. We recommend purchasing a bus ticket for the duration of the whole festival visit to make travel faster and smoother.



By taxi

The closest taxi stop to the festival site is located at the festival bus station, by the Ruissalo bridge. Turku taxi phone number is +358-2-10041.

Near the Pahanniemi bridge, in the parking lot of Helenan kahvio (Helena’s cafeteria) there is a place to stop, where festival guests can be picked up or dropped off.

Accessible arriving

Ruisrock organisers want to offer everyone a chance to come to the festival. Accessible entrance and possibility for disabled parking make arriving at the festival easier. The disabled parking permit have to be applied for in advance. Read more on accessibility.


During the festival weekend Turku will be again filled to the brim. Ruisrock organisers and partners offer various accommodation options: hotels, schools and camping areas. We recommend booking accommodation early during the spring.

Artukainen Camping

Artukainen Camping is located by Gatorade Center and Messukeskus, the address is Artukaisten kiitotie. The camping area is located approximately 6.5 km from the festival site and there is a festival bus taking camping area users closer to festival site.

Camping is allowed only in an official camping area, and the camping area is intended only for people going to Ruisrock. Campers must have a festival ticket which will be checked upon arrival.


Tickets are on sale in Tiketti.

  • 3-day ticket + camping 215 €
  • Camping 45 €/person
  • Campervan 30 €

People arriving by campervans must purchase a campervan ticket for the vehicle in addition to a camping ticket. For each campervan one campervan ticket is needed but everyone staying in the campervan must also have a ticket for the camping area.

Arriving at the camping area

Artukainen Camping is located by Gatorade Center (former Turkuhalli) and Messukeskus in Artukainen in Turku, the address is Artukaisten kiitotie. Follow the signs for Artukainen Camping.

From Turku city centre you can get close to the festival camping area by taking a bus number 12, 32 or 61 from Turku market square 'Kauppatori'. Buses 32 and 61 will also stop at the Turku railway station. You can find timetables and detailed stop information at journey planner Föli.

Getting from the camping area to the festival

There is a free shuttle bus from Artukainen Camping to Ruissalo festival bus station and back to the camping area. The bus will run non-stop during the festival opening hours. There is approximately a two kilometer walk from the festival bus station to the festival site.

Passenger car parking and campervans

Next to the camping area there is a passenger car parking area which is open during the opening hours of the camping area. It costs 5 euros per parking. Sleeping in your car and bringing your car to the camping site are not allowed for safety reasons.

Staying in the camping area is allowed in registered campervans. Travel trailers cannot be brought into the camping area. If you take your campervan with you when leaving the campsite, you will be charged for the campervan ticket again upon each return. We are not able to offer electricity for campervans.

City of Turku camping area in Saaronniemi

The far end of Ruissalo island, Saaronniemi, holds another camping area, Ruissalo Camping, maintained by the City of Turku. Please note that camping area in Saaronniemi is filled in an order of arrival, and advance bookings are not possible. Inquiries about the camping area in Saaronniemi by phone on +358 2 262 5100, or by email at


School accommodation

Peaceful indoor accommodation is offered in the form of school accommodation in different schools around Turku from Thursday to Monday. School accommodation is organised by a local sports team TuTo ry.


Hotel packages

Hotel packages are sold out.


Ruisrock aims to make sure that everyone has a chance to take part in the festival by making it as accessible as possible. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Ruisrock!

Arriving to the Festival Area

You can get to the festival area by foot or by bike. Festival buses and taxes will drop you off at the festival bus station, located about two kilometers from the festival area, next to the Ruissalo Bridge. Bicycle stands are located near the main gate.

You can gain accessible entrance to the festival area by applying for a personal parking permit for the accessible parking lot or using a taxi for the disabled. Both the accessible parking lot and the drop off and pick up point for taxis for the disabled are located approximately 400 meters from the accessible entrance. Instructions on how to apply for a parking permit can be found below.

We recommend ordering a taxi for the disabled in advance for both ways, to and from the festival. Please notice, that during the festival weekend getting to and from the island is slower than usually, especially on Friday and Saturday nights at 1 am - 3 am. We recommend to order taxi outside the rush hours.

A new accessibility service this year is a free disabled shuttle from Ruisrock. The disabled shuttle departs from the accessible parking lot and carries customers to the center of Turku. The service is only for users of our accessibility services and their assistants. Please note that the disabled shuttle can only carry a limited number of customers. Two wheelchairs and 8–10 passengers may be transported at the same time. 

Accessible Parking Lot

The accessible parking lot is located about 400 meters from the accessible entrance. The asphalted parking lot has a limited number of accessible parking spaces. You can apply for an accessible parking space with a disabled parking permit issued by Trafi / the police.

Please note that you must apply for a parking space from Ruisrock in advance due to the limited number of spaces. You cannot access the parking lot without a personal parking permit granted by Ruisrock.

The application period for an accessible parking space at Ruisrock is 1 May – 18 June. Permits will be posted by 20 June.

You can apply for an accessible parking space by contacting 

Accessible Entrance

The festival area can be entered via the main gate or a separate, accessible entrance. The accessible entrance is located about 400 meters from the accessible parking lot. The route to the accessible entrance is asphalt and hard dirt road. People using the entrance undergo a security check, festival tickets are scanned electronically, and the general festival guidelines apply.

The accessible entrance may be used by the visually impaired and hearing impaired, people with a temporary physical impairment, and people whose mobility is limited due to a physical condition or disability. An assistant may use the accessible entrance together with an assisted person. Pregnancy is not a reason to use Ruisrock’s accessibility services.


An assistant can enter the area for free with a paying assisted person. The service is meant for people who have an assistant card (“saattajakortti”) granted by their home municipality or a doctor’s certificate that demonstrates the need for an assistant.

The assistant does not need a separate ticket and will not receive a wristband, but he/she must enter the festival area at the same time as the assisted person every day. Other people besides the assistant may not use the accessible entrance with the assisted person.

The free entry of the assistant only applies to regular Ruisrock tickets. If the assisted person has a VIP or Ruisrock+ ticket, the assistant must have his/her own ticket that entitles to the same services. This is because these ticket types include services subject to a charge. The VIP services are not fully accessible, because the water bus is not fully accessible and the terrain in the VIP area may be difficult in places.

The Centre of Assistance in Southwestern Finland (Lounais-Suomen avustajakeskus) also allows you to book a personal assistant at an expense allowance of EUR 7. More information and bookings at +358 2 251 8549.

Festival Site

Terrain at the Festival Site

Ruisrock is organized in the natural conservation area of Ruissalo in Turku and most of the site consists of park and field terrain. Some of the terrain is uneven, but an asphalt or hard dirt passageway runs around almost the entire festival site. An asphalt road runs through the front of Niitty Stage toward the shore. At the shore, the asphalt road turns into a hard dirt path. The festival site also has a beach, some of which is soft sand.

Viewing Platforms

Each of the four largest stages have a viewing platform. The exact locations of the platforms can be seen in the accessibility map, which will be published closer to the festival. The platforms are 60 cm off the ground and have a gradual ramp. Each platform has general assistants who can help you to get on the platform, if needed. Platforms also have a bench. The assistant can accompany the assisted person on the platform, if there is enough room.

General Assistants

General assistants serve festivalgoers especially in matters relating to accessibility and they can be found near the viewing platforms. They are trained volunteers from the Centre of Assistance and can assist with e.g. mobility, getting to a viewing platform, and opening the lock of an accessible toilet.

Accessible Toilets

There are six accessible toilets located around the festival site. Four of the toilets are located next to viewing platforms and one near the info desk. The accessible indoor toilet in the Ranta VIP area can also be used by holders of a VIP wristband. The accessible toilets have been locked to prevent misuse, and general assistants near them will open the toilet doors, when needed.

Users of a Toilet Card may also use accessible toilets. Read more about the Toilet Card.

More Information About Accessibility

If you want to hear more about accessibility at the festival, please contact Once you are at the festival site, you can turn to the staff at the info desks or the general assistants.

Developing Accessibility

Ruisrock aims to improve its accessibility year by year. Last year, we were involved in Papunet’s Musiikki kuuluu kaikille (“Music Belongs to Everyone”) project, and in 2012 we committed to ten accessibility promises that we improve continuously.

Accessibility Promises

• We will build accessible viewing platforms in front of all the big stages.
• We will add more lights to the festival area.
• We will add more disabled toilets in the festival area.
• We will improve the possibilities to arrive at the festival by organizing accessible parking and by making the entrance procedure clearer.
• We will add more places to rest in the festival area.
• We will hire general assistants to help festivalgoers especially with accessibility issues.
• We will improve the accessibility of our communication by creating a plain language version of the Ruisrock website.
• We will train our staff to be more aware of accessibility.
• We will communicate more effectively and informatively about the practices of an accessible festival.
• We will promise to take accessibility into consideration at Ruisrock also in the years to come.
• Work on behalf of accessibility requires a long-term commitment and, as the organizers of Ruisrock, it is important to us to keep on improving it. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement concerning the accessibility of Ruisrock, please contact


Info point

The info point is located in Niitty area. There you may ask any questions and pick-up a free pair of ear plugs. Snacks and refreshments are also sold here.


Cloakroom/back check is located at the main entrance. It is open 0,5hr before and closes 0,5hr after the festival opening hours. Cloakroom fee is 3 € and 1 € per visit. Cloakroom also has a breathalyzer (2 € / blow).

Phone charging

Phone charging points are located in Niitty and Ranta area. Please bring your own charger.

Lost and found

Cloakroom also doubles as a lost and found point. Please bring any found items to cloakroom. Inquiries during the festival by phone: +358 41 796 4940. Uncollected items after the festival: Lost & Found International p. +358 600 41006.


Ruisrock is organized on the Ruissalo island which is mostly a protected nature reserve. There are many rare bird species and mammals nesting in the diverse and valuable nature of the area, surrounded by lush vegetation. It is important for Ruisrock to take care of the nature of Ruissalo, and we aim to create a setting where everyone can easily help us with this important work.

In the summer of 2016 Ruisrock joined the Ekokompassi environmental management system that can be used to develop the environmental work even more sustainable. Ekokompassi offers the tools that we can use to promote environmental protection and prevention of climate change in addition to taking responsibility for the environmental impact of the festival.

Few tips for a more sustainable festival weekend

  • Take with you as few containers and items as possible to the festival. Use reusable containers or at least packaging made of recyclable materials.
  • Sort your waste to the recycling containers. Do not litter!
  • Bring a water bottle. Bottles can be filled at the many water stations on site.
  • Make the most of the can deposits. Do not throw cans or bottles in the trash.
  • There are hundreds of toilets on site - please use them!

All food vendors use only biodegradable disposables. You can throw any leftover food together with plates, cups and cutlery to the brown biodegradable waste containers, located close to the food areas. Aluminum cans and plastic bottles can be recycled in the recycling stations on site. At the recycling points you can also recycle cardboard packaging, metal, glass, cardboard, cartons and paper. Recycling stations are located on the beach and near Niittylava. Rest of the waste produced on the festival is mostly burnable waste, for which the area has over 100 containers.

The serving areas have a deposit of one euro for alcoholic drink containers. When purchasing a drink, you will be charged a deposit which you will get back when returning the can. This way we will be able to recycle most of the cans and will avoid unnecessary waste.


It is of utmost importance to us to allow a comfortable and safe environment for our visitors to enjoy the festival. 

There are several hundred security stewards taking care of the safety of Ruisrock visitors, as well as plenty of police and rescue authorities on site during the festival. The safety operations also extend outside the festival site, to routes leading to the festival site located on Ruissalo island.

As a Ruisrock visitor, you can contribute to keeping the festival safe and  comfortable by arriving with a good mood and taking care of yourself and other festivalgoers.  If anything worries you during the festival, or you see or experience something suspicious, you can always turn to any staff member for help.

Safety tips

We care about your security so please read through and follow the instructions below. Good atmosphere is made by the festival visitors, and this means you!

  • Always follow the instructions of the security personnel.
  • Take care of your friends and yourself!
  • Think about what you wear, you will not regret wearing good shoes and comfy weatherproof clothes for the long weekend. Dress according to the weather.
  • Remember to drink non-alcoholic fluids. You can refill your water bottle in the festival area for free.
  • Don't disturb the peace of the local inhabitants and their property.
  • Respect the nature!
  • Making fire on the festival area or at the camping site is forbidden. There is a place for a barbeque on the camping site.
  • Ride your bicycle carefully and follow the signs and instructions of the security personnel.

Security check

All people entering the festival area will be security checked. All items that will endanger you or your fellow festival goer must be left at home or to the deposit at the gates. All tickets are checked electronically at the gates every day.

Please note that you are allowed to enter the festival area once a day with your ticket, there is no re-entry.

Forbidden items

Alcohol, drugs, glass bottles, guns and knives (Leatherman and other tools are knives too!) and other items meant to hurt people, explosives, fireworks, torches, laser pointers, glow sticks and aerosols (e.g. hair spray).

It is forbidden to bring umbrellas to the festival area due to the safety regulations and blocking the view. So if it is raining, we recommend raincoats. There are disposable raincoats on sale right at festival info center.

Please leave the strollers and picnic chairs at home so the area will not be overly blocked. You can rest your feet in the restaurant areas - and you are welcome to lay out a blanked at a suitable spot. The festival is not a suitable place for pets.

Alcohol, other refreshments and food

Bringing alcohol to the festival area is not allowed. There will be several bars serving a wide range of alcoholic beverages to customers who are 18 years and older. Bring your official ID with you (driving license, passport, etc). We follow the Finnish Law in this respect, and the law is very strict.

You can bring one can or transparent, colorless plastic bottle of no more than 1.5 litres into the festival site. The bottle must be unopened. The bottle can be filled up on festival’s water points throughout the weekend. You may also bring empty plastic bottles to the festival site.

You may bring food to the festival area but, please, leave knives and all glass and porcelain kitchenware at home. Making fire is not allowed on the festival area.


Smoking is forbidden in front of the stages during the shows. You can find the designated smoking areas on the festival map.

First aid

There is a First aid point where trained personnel from Finnish Red Cross will take care of any medical or first aid needs. First aid crew will also patrol in the festival area. In case of an emergency, contact any first aid or security person!

For the Finnish emergency line just dial 112. No country code needed.


There's a lovely beach on the festival area. Swimming alone or when intoxicated is not safe, so we recommend swimming with friends and sober. The beach is guarded by lifeguards.

Tight crowds and "crowd surfing"

If you feel uncomfortable in tight crowds, please avoid the front of the stages or other crowded areas. If you however get surrounded by a crowd, try to remain calm. Don't resist the pressure but move with the crowd. Try to head away from the crowd when the crowd gives in. Ask help from the people around you if needed.

Like on all big festivals, crowd surfing is also prohibited at Ruisrock. It's only for your safety folks! Climbing on your friend's shoulders is also forbidden.


In addition to our own security, the Turku police is enjoying your company in the festival area and its surroundings.


Ruisrock takes place in a gorgeous Ruissalo public park that is mostly nature preserve. Taking care of the nature is every festival goer's responsibility. Love the nature - take out what you bring in! Inside the festival area there are lot of waste bins and recycling center areas where you can take your trash to respect the nature and fellow festival goers. Read more about the environment at Ruisrock.


Excessive exposure to loud music may damage your hearing. Remember to protect your hearing. You can get your earplugs from the festival's info point.


Photographing is allowed with different types of cameras. Systems cameras, Gopros, tablets and others are allowed, as well as selfie sticks. Drones are however forbidden because of safety reasons.

Respect other festival goers’ privacy when publishing your photos. Same regulations apply in the festival area as in other public spaces – please remember good manners common sense.

Security personnel has the right to prevent all photographing and recording in certain occasions, such as on the artist's request.


This year, Ruis Kiosk is located in a new place on Kristiinankatu road, in the storefront of Hansa in the center of Turku. The Kiosk will open on 25 June.
The Kiosk serves as an info desk where you will receive answers to any questions about Ruisrock. It also organizes events from workshops to performances. At the Kiosk, you may also buy advance tickets to the festival bus and bicycle parking.

Opening hours of Ruiskioski:

  • Mon–Sun 11– am – 7 pm
  • Friday July 6th 9 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday July 7th 9 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday July 8th 11 am – 7 pm


Festival office can be best reached via email:

Phone: +358 44-966 13 84

WhatsApp (Mon-Fri 12 pm - 5 pm): +358 44-966 13 84


Juhani Merimaa

Mikko Niemelä

Executive producer
Piia Lääveri

Production manager
Matti Laukko

Partner manager
Annakaisa Anttila

Producer (festival site)
Sam Böök

Producer (partners)
Sini Jaatinen

Producer (art)
Ilona Numminen

Producer (accessibility)
Sara Sarkkinen

Producer (festival site)
Elina Tamminen

Kiira Koskela

Graphic designer
Jesse Tielinen

Ruisrock is organised by
Vantaan Festivaalit Oy
Urho Kekkosen katu 4––6 B, 5. krs
00100 Helsinki FINLAND

Ruisrock office contact information

Vantaan Festivaalit Oy board members
Juhani Merimaa, Tapio Nousiainen, Ari Salonen

Lost & found after the festival:
Suomen Löytötavarapalvelu
Kauppakeskus Länsi1, Viilarinkatu 5, 20320 Turku